International Association for Impact Assessment Conference Materials

The lists which follow provide materials from the 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2013 IAIA conferences and related items.


2017 IAIA Conference Montreal Canada

Panel at IAIA 2017

Panel at IAIA 2017. From left to right: Jona Bjarnadottir, Lorraine Seale, Brett Wheler, Glenn Brown and Graham Seagel


Here are eight items related to the 90-minute Panel Session titled: Adding Organized Reasoning to the IA Process: Lessons Learned So Farheld at the Montreal conference.


Handout paper

1  Eight page handout for the session audience describing the main ideas from the panel presentations, including links to reports, biographies and contact information for participants. Download: Handout for Organized Reasoning Session IAIA 2017

PowerPoint presentations made during the Session, in the order presented.

2  Brown. Organized Reasoning: Goals and Process Download: Brown Presentation

3  Ehrlich and Wheler. The Jay Diamond Project Environmental Assessment: Organized Reasoning in Practice Download:  Ehrlich and Wheler Presentation

4  Seale. Organized Reasoning Training: GNWT Reflections Download: Seale Presentation

5  Bjarnadottir. Organized Reasoning: Gains So Far and Expectations for the Future Download: Bjarnadottir Presentation


Videos of Alan Ehrlich from the Mackenzie Valley Review Board discussing the organization’s experience with Organized Reasoning at a workshop held in Reykjavik for Landsvirkjun, The National Power Company of Iceland. This is the background of the Ehrlich and Wheler presentation at the panel session.

6  Video of the presentation describing the Review Board’s experience with Organized Reasoning and the Ekati Diamond Mine IA. 29 minutes. Divided in half due to file size issues. View by clicking below.

First half

Second half

7  Video of the Question and Answer period after the preceding presentation. 11 minutes. View by clicking below.


IA Report mentioned during the videos and during the Ehrlich and Wheler presentation:

8  The IA report of the Jay Project to expand the Ekati diamond mine is available from the website of the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board. Download: Ekati Jay Project Report

The flowchart posted on the wall, and discussed somewhat during the session, is downloadable from the 2016 conference materials, immediately below.


2016 IAIA Conference, Aichi-Nagoya Japan


IAIA 2016 poster

Poster presentation at IAIA 2016

This poster of a flowchart shows how Organized Reasoning can be introduced into different stages of the IA process.  We also provided a paper describing the background information and reasoning behind the poster, which is in the Proceedings of the conference. Both documents are also available from the International Association for Impact Assessment’s 2016 conference website.

1 Brown and Seagel. Poster. Adding Organized Reasoning into Impact Assessment to Support Key Decisions.    Download:   Brown & Seagel IAIA 2016 Poster

2 Brown and Seagel. Background Paper. Adding Organized Reasoning into Impact Assessment to Support Key Decisions.     Download: Brown & Seagel 2016 Paper from Proceedings

2015 IAIA Conference Florence Italy

In Florence GB gave a training course on Organized Reasoning and Environmental Impact Assessment during the training sessions before the conference.

IAIA Florence workshop participants

Training course participants 2015

2013 IAIA Conference Calgary Canada

An oral presentation made at the Calgary IAIA 2017 conference described the work Tim Hicks did for his master’s thesis. (GB was his thesis supervisor.) He studied how effectively ‘arguments,’ describing significance determinations, were reached in a government agency’s EA reports. (Result: although the data was present and the conclusions were quite reasonable, the arguments were very weakly presented.) He suggested steps for improvement. The audience handout and PowerPoints are available below, as is the original thesis upon which the presentation is based. (We are working on a journal article summarizing this work. A link will posted here when complete.)



A Slide from the Hicks & Brown Presentation

Hicks, T. and Brown G. Exploring the Use of ‘Argument’ in Impact Assessment. Conference audience handout. Download: Hicks & Brown IAIA 2013 Handout

Hicks, T. and Brown. G. Exploring the Use of ‘Argument’ in Impact Assessment. Conference PowerPoint. Download: Hicks & Brown 2013 Argument PowerPoint.pptx

Hicks, T. Exploring the Use of Argument in Impact Assessment: A Case for Impact Significance Arguments. MA thesis. Download: Hicks 2011 Thesis Argument in Impact Assessment


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