I have a continuing interest in supporting learning of two overlapping topics: scientific knowledge and professional skills. I’ve completed educational projects within formal university and public school settings, and also in museums, parks and training workshops.

  • University Teaching
  • Training
GB at RRU fall 2015

GB with a class at Royal Roads University

University Teaching

I’ve taught graduate students a variety of courses related to environmental management for 16 years. Course titles have included:

Royal Roads University Masters Program in Environment and Management

  • Ecosystem Science and Management
  • The Biosphere and Ecological Sustainability
  • Analytical Thinking and Communications
  • Foundations for Learning


Capilano College Post-Baccalaureate Program in Environmental Science and Management

  • Contemporary Topics in Environmental Management and Development
  • Values, Ethics and Environmental Decision-Making
  • Critical Thinking and Communications in Environmental Science
  • Professional Development
  • Seminar in Environmental Science (co-taught)
  • Project Management for Environmental Scientists (co-taught)


Field trip

A class field trip exploring forest and stream ecology


Under construction

Separate from teaching university courses, I’ve delivered over 150 short term (multi-hour, one day, multiple day) training workshops related to my employment or within consulting projects involving staff training and capacity development. They combine presentations, participatory activities and small group work.


Audience Main topic of workshop
Environmental professionals Organized reasoning
Ecosystem services
Watershed management
Conservation in protected areas
Project management
Ecotourism guides Designing ecotourism programs
Guiding visitors
Co-op university students Study and learning skills
Interpersonal communication
Using learning portfolios for self-management
Graduating students Job/practicum search process
In-service teachers,
volunteer parents and scientists
Science teaching methods
Field trips to wetlands
Using microscopes
Pond life
Paper airplanes: Engineering for children