Brief Biography

Dr. Glenn Brown has over 25 years experience as an ecologist and educator specializing in environmental management. He has worked on environmental projects for industry, government and NGOs in Canada, United States, Central America, West Africa, Southeast Asia, Mongolia and China. His tasks address research, management and professional development. He currently teaches courses on Ecosystem Science and Management and on Analytical Thinking and Communications in the Master’s Program in Environment and Management at Royal Roads University in British Columbia, and works as an independent consultant.

Environmental background and experience

Glenn has studied plant species distributions, vegetation patterns, plant growth and reproduction, alluvial and permafrost geomorphology, and relationships between vegetation, soils and landforms. He has field experience in temperate and tropical rainforest, boreal and hardwood forest, arctic and alpine tundra, wetlands and prairies. He participated in multiple projects dealing with ecological restoration, invasive species and ecosystem services. He prepared environmental impact assessments, worked on corridor and site selection studies for pipelines and petrochemical plants, completed biophysical inventories in parks and nature reserves, and designed ecotourism projects. He organized field programs, environmental assessment studies and land reclamation projects for coal and lead/zinc mineral development projects and supervised revegetation projects for mineral exploration roads and oil and salt water spills.

Most recently, Glenn worked on ecosystem services assessments concerning water and wetlands in Alberta and agricultural land in British Columbia.

Teaching and training

Glenn has taught multiple courses in post-graduate environmental programs over sixteen years and supervised the thesis research of a variety of graduate students. He designed education and training programs for schools, university students and adults. He worked on an educational CD-ROM on river science and management for the lower Mekong River and on guidelines for conservation literacy for the Society for Conservation Biology. He led training programs for tour guides in Nigeria and Belize. He has written a variety of manuals and resource materials for professionals, teachers and students.

Glenn currently leads workshops on using organized reasoning to enhance the effectiveness of environmental impact assessment.


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